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  1. Thanks, Court. Great post, as usual. Long time no hear from you. Been missing your insights. Hope all is well.

  2. What a useful post you have done…!!! Thank You!

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  3. My only comment is great post. I do a lot of keyword work and SEO with my VA, and getting ready to take on a 2nd VA too (more an SEO expert though)

    Good stuff mate

  4. Thanks Court! I’ve GREATLY missed your insight as well. Just so you know, my site is now making over $100 a month just from your teaching. This is just the start.

    Ok, so, question, what about social bookmarking sites? I imagine it takes a bit longer to reach that authority place because the social bookmark sites (most likely) don’t have the keyword authority you’re looking to earn.

    When I look at the first page in Google for my keyword, it’s all corporate sites. Those are going to be very difficult to crack. In Yahoo I’m #4 for my keyword, but I can’t seem to do it in Google.

  5. Good to see you posting again Court =P
    GL with your rankings and all.

    I agree that most people just don’t have the confidence to archive rankings. When I wanted to go after “SEO” as a keyword, some told me I was crazy. In two month or so, I am now floating around page 3 for SEO =P
    Now the real work begins, since I’m up against people like Quadzilla, Rand Fishkin, and Aaron Wall. (that and the wikipedia article has sick authority)

  6. I agree completely. My website currently has 42 keywords (or phrases) that are ranked 100 or less for Google (Geeksquad only has 39.) and I am working on more. Some of them are my name or company name but others are important terms like Computer Network Consulting. That is an important term to me and I have worked very hard to cultivate my authority on that term. Next I’m going for Computer Networking.

  7. This is a very helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Court,
    This was extremely informative. Most of my traffic (a resounding 60%) comes from social networking and I’ve been learning how to rank for keywords. This post was explained clearly and was to the point. Awesome content. I appreciate you!
    Dali Burgado

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