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Symptoms For World Cup Fever

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watches sale pic: Faisol Mustafa "I'M sure sex wouldn't be as rewarding as winning the World Cup. It's not that good, but the World Cup is every four years and sex is not,” said legendary football player, Ronaldo.

omega watches No, its not Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese winger who is currently dating supermodel Irina Shayk. But this is the other Ronaldo, the Brazillian striker who revelled the World Cup's and the world of football in early 2000.

omega watches Whether you agree with him or not, he does have a point. By only showcasing once in every four years, the World Cup is regarded as a fiesta of sorts. With only a few days away (12th June) and until this year’s edition makes an explosive start, here is Malaysian Digest 's guide on what to expect during this most celebrated world sports extravaganza!

omega watches Where Will Everybody Go?

replica watches There is one thing that all Malaysians know for sure that will happen during the upcoming World Cup season. Many employees (and students) will have their off days and medical leaves activated......even proactively.

Staying up late to watch the live matches will be the common excuse master. But with Brazil being on the other side of the globe, the matches will be played during early mornings and some well into working hours! So expect many workers to take extra-long breakfast trips to the mamak stalls to watch the matches. There'll be a lots of empty offices!

Malaysians common complaint on how difficult to meet and deal with 'disappering' government officials may be a rising scenario during the World Cup!

Mamak, Teh Tarik Satu!

Watching football at the Mamaks, a Malysian favourite /pic: Malaysians love watching live football at the mamak stalls. With a month of World Cup, it is natural to expect sales to take a meteoric rise for mamaks during this fiesta.

But will that actually be the case this year? The fact that the matches are played during working hours will definitely limit the opportunity for football crazy fans to hang-out at the mamak.

Furthermore, the latter stages of the tournament will be during the fasting month of Ramadhan. So even on weekends, more people will choose to watch the matches at home.

Malaysian Digest tried to get some feedback on this issue from PRESMA, the NGO that represents mamak restaurants in the country, but did not get a response on time.

Wear Your Team Colours With Pride

Al-ikhsan store /pic: Sales of merchandise like replica jerseys are also expected to soar beyond the roof during this period. Al-Ikhsan, our country’s largest sports retailer agrees with this. “This is definitely a period where we can expect sales to go up,” said Mohd Rustam Bin Ali Hashim, Executive Designer for Al-Ikhsan.

“Not just replica jerseys, but also t-shirts associated with the teams and other merchandises like jackets, bags, balls and water bottles are expected to sell well too,” he added.

Asked whether preparations for the Hari Raya season will be disrupted by the World Cup sales rush, Rustam said “It might. That’s why we are targeting to sell most of our goods before the start of Ramadhan. But then again, men can still wear football t-shirts during the latter days of Raya. But yes, it can disrupt sales. A much bigger obstacle are availability of immitation jerseys that are sold much cheaper.”

But here’s some good news for everyone. Al-Ikhsan will be holding a ‘Samba Sale’ from 29 May up to 27 June. So let’s get ready to go on a shopping spree of sports products at low prices!

The Trend Today....

Social media like Twitter and Facebook will be overloaded with updates on the World Cup. Almost everyone knows some guy who seems to be doing live coverage updates.

“20 minutes in it and its still 0-0.... minute 43, corner to Brazil…. minute 67, free kick for Mexico... minute 82, Neymar scores for Brazil!!” Yeah, expect to read loads of updates like these in your timeline.

Also get ready to read many experts opinion, even from people who only watch football once every four years. These guys can’t even explain the offside rule, but suddenly they feel they are world class football pundits. Whatever!

Pele's Magical Crystal Ball

Pele Pele is widely regarded as the best football player  ever to have graced the planet. So, you can guarantee that someone from the media will ask for his predictions and thoughts on the World Cup.

Here's a word of advice: read them just for chuckles! You see real football fans know that while he was a majestic player, he is crap when it comes to predictions. Here are just a few of his many failed predictions from the past (courtesy of ):  "China will qualify for the next round from their 2002 World Cup group." Wrong! Not only did they not progress, China finished bottom of group C with no wins, no draws, no goals, and -9 in their goal-difference column.

"Spain are favourites for the 1998 World Cup in France." Really? Spain failed to even get past the group stages after losing to Nigeria and drawing with Paraguay.

"An African nation will win the World Cup before the year 2000." Not even close. Its now 2014 and an African nation have yet to even reach the semi-finals. Long way to go there!

"Colombia will win the 1994 World Cup in USA." Did you really play football, Pele? Columbia didn't even get past the group stages! They finished bottom and sadly, their defender, Andres Escobar was tragically shot dead by an angry fan!

"There is no way I can continue the game," an injured Pele said in the film 'Escape To Victory' which also starred Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine. Wrong again! The team was losing 4-0, but Pele returns in the second half and scores a stunning bicycle kick goal and onto inspiring the team to victory. Even in the movies, Pele's predictions go wrong!!

Book Your Return Flights Early... Again!

You guys can complain and disagree with me all you want. But England will once again disappoint you Three Lions supporters. Probably on penalties again! Come on, did you seriously think you could win?

Product Placements

Here are six brands you can expect to see frequently during the World Cup: Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai/Kia Motors, Sony, and Visa. According to Fifa's website, there are 22 sponsors for this year's tournament. So get ready to be bombarded by product placements everywhere you go as these brands seek to maximize their profits!

The World Cup official ball - Adidas Brazuka /pic: Faisol Mustafa

Viva Selangor!

Did you know that our local football league will still be going on during the World Cup?

The fact that the matches in Brazil are played during the morning might limit the impact, but the buzz and exposure of our national league that it barely gets, will surely suffer further.

Why should we compete with fans against the biggest football event of the year? This is quite a shame, because as demonstrated in the recent Selangor-JDT match in Shah Alam, local football attendance have been on the rise.


And the final thing, and this is probably my favourite, that will happen during the World Cup is that newspapers will be filled with photos of hot female supporters in skimpy outfits. The fact that this will be in sunny Brazil means we’re in for a treat!

So buckle up everyone and get ready for a tournament that will be full of colour, excitement, drama, and emotions. Oh, there’ll be a bit of football in there too!

- mD

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